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Unaffiliated Dressage 

All horses attending Lincomb Equestrian must have up to date Equine Flu Vaccinations 

Classes from Walk and Trot to Medium

Our Unaffiliated Dressage competitions are fun and encouraging. We run tests from Walk and Trot through to Medium. The combined Training classes start at 55cm and run to 95cm. 

08 Jan 2023

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12 Feb 2023

Class 1 Walk and Trot Intro B

Class 2 Prelim 2

Class 3 Prelim 13

Class 4 Novice 34

Class 5 Elementary 44

Class 6  BE90 91 

Class 7  BE100 101 

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4 March 2023

Class 1 Walk and Trot Intro C

Class 2 Prelim 14

Class 3 Prelim 18

Class 4 Novice 30

Class 5 Elementary 49

Class 6 BE90 92  

Class 7 BE100 102 

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1 April 2023

Class 1 Walk and Trot Intro A

Class 2 Prelim 1

Class 3 Prelim 15 - 20x60

Class 4 Novice 23- 20x60

Class 5 Elementary 55- Long arena 

Class 6  BE90  91

Class 7  BE100 106

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Important Information- It is worth a read.........


Photographs from the competitions can be found at


Any Horse or Pony can only compete once in any one class.  A Horse or Pony can compete in a max of 2 classes in anyone day

We have a No Dogs Policy

Hats must be of the following standard:- 

British and European: PAS 015 (1998 or 2011) and VG01.040 2014-12, all with BSI Kitemark or Inspec IC Mark
American: ASTM F1163: 2004a onwards with SEI mark Snell 2001 or 2016 (no other mark is needed with Snell)
Australia and New Zealand: AS/NZS 3838 2006 onwards with SAI Global mark

Once times have been issued no entry will be refunded or carried over

Please use the one way system when arriving and leaving Lincomb-

We follow British Dressage for Tack and Dress rules

Riders need to supply their own bridle numbers. There must be one worn on either side of the bridle.

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