Our Arena Eventing competitions are great fun. Starting at 40cm through to 1m. These competitions involve a course of show jumps followed immediately by a course of simulated and solid cross country jumps. Our competitions are professionally run yet still friendly enough to be encouraging. We endeavour to be well organised and to get results out promptly.


NB In accordance with the new hat rules for 2016, hats with fixed peaks will not be permitted

15 February

*Any Horse or Pony can only compete once in any one class, they may run HC a second time. This also applies to the same height classes being run on the Saturday and Sunday, so you may not enter i.e. the 80cm on Saturday and Sunday and be competitive in both. You may enter i.e. the 80cm on Saturday and Sunday but will have to run HC on the Sunday 

*A Horse or Pony can compete in a max of 2 classes in anyone day. 

* Body protectors are compulsory, with or without an air jacket. From 1 Jan 2019 these must be A BETA Level 3 displaying either a Purple 2009 Label OR Blue 2018 Label. We advise if you need to buy a new body protector you purchase one with a Blue 2018 label

* Hats must be of current standard and not have a fixed peak

* Dress code is cross country colours or show/hacking jacket. 

* Once times have been issued no entry will be refunded or carried over

* The course can be walked from 2pm on Friday, before/after the event and inbetween classes on Saturday/Sunday

 * Please use the one way system when arriving and leaving Lincomb-


We run a points league for the Arena Eventing Series.

1st place = 6 points

2nd place = 5 points

3rd place = 4 points

4th place= 3 points

5th place = 2 points

6th place = 1 point

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