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If we are forced to shut down/cancel your fee will be returned but minus a very small administration charge , this is to cover what the payment portal charges us to make a refund. If you are not happy with this please do not make this entry.


1 hour Horse Agility clinic with Ellen of Gaia Horsemanship a Horse Agility Accredited Trainer.


No equipment other than head collar, lead rope (at least 10ft long) and protective
boots where necessary is allowed on the horses, no whips, crops or sticks of any kind
are allowed.
Handlers must wear suitable footwear and hard hats at all times when participating
in events.


Please note-

* By making this booking you agree to our Terms and Conditions. We will also be emailing everyone who is attending with the terms and conditions

* No Dogs

* All horses must up upto date Flu Vaccinations

* Hats must be of current standard 






Horse Agility clinic 30 June

  • "We require all horses who attend Lincomb Equestrian have up to date Flu Vaccinations, we are only asking you have yearly boosters, not 6 monthly vaccinations. We will accept horses who have just started their vaccinations providing they have have their 2nd injection 7 days before attending competitions at Lincomb" 

    ​Please note we have a NO DOGS policy

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