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Think Hickstead Derby on a smaller scale!


Due to Covid restrictions will not be running a Derby in 2020

The Derby classes start at 60cm through to 90m. There will be a course of Approx 16 fences, all rustic/or white/ or red and white poles and/or planks, lots of greenery, a water tray, a jump off a slope, some gates and white picket type fillers. No solid XC type jumps, everything will be knock downable. 

In order for everyone to have the opportunity to jump the entire course of 16 there will not be a separate jump off but there will be a timed section on the course. 

With pre entries only, times will be issued for all classes. 

Our competitions are professionally run yet still friendly enough to be encouraging. We endeavour to be well organised and to get results out promptly.

You need to have your own number bib or bridle number

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