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This will involve a Dressage Test, a Show Jump round, and a Cross- Country round (Dressage will be on the grass, show jumping will be on a surface, the cross country phase will be on a surface).  Dressage tests can be called.


All Riders will be entered as individuals. You can make a Team if you wish. Teams need to consist of 4 riders- 2 doing the Eventing (any class), 1 doing the pure dressage (any 2 classes) and 1 doing the Show Jumping (any class). 


Day and Over night stabling and accommodation is available 

Day stables are £15 and are available from 9am-4pm

Overnight stables for 1 night are £25 are available from 4pm until 4pm the following day. For 2 nights they are £35 and are available from 4pm on the Friday until 4 pm on the Sunday. 


Single and Double human accommodation is available. Overnight lorry parking is FOC with a stable. 


Start times will be emailed out on the Thursday before 


Saturday 31 August

Class 1- 50cm Entry fee- £55

Dressage test- Walk and Trot Intro A (2008) /Intro 1 (2024)

Horse with any BD points and/or Riders in BD Groups 7 -1 can not enter this class.


Class 2- 60cm Entry fee- £55

Dressage test- Prelim 2 (2016)/ Prelim 1 (2024)


Class 3- 70cm Entry fee- £55

Dressage test- Prelim 2 (2016)/ Prelim 1 (2024)


Class 4- 70cm+ Entry fee- £55

80cm show jumping, 70cm XC

Dressage test- Prelim 3 (2024)


O-Lin-Pix "Eventing"

  • Competition entries can be refunded, minus a £5 booking fee, up to the Monday before an event (the closing date). 

    Withdrawals after the closing date that are accompanied by a vet’s or doctor’s certificate can be refunded minus a £10 admin fee.

    After the closing date if your place can be replaced from our wait list you will receive a refund minus a £10 admin fee. 

    Any withdrawals made 24 hours before the event are non refundable

    ALL Withdrawals must be registered with entries secretary in writing or email.

    In the event that we need to cancel an event your entry fee will be returned minus a £2 fee.

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