With Nicole Sherwood. Nicole is a UKCC Level 2 coach with a passion for helping us to better understand our horses and in return build strong relationships, regardless of chosen discipline, breed or age of horse.


This clinic will run slighty differently to the other clinics in that you will get 1 x 1.5 hour session. 


You are welcome to stay and watch other sessions but due to it being camp season we can not offer day stabling or lunch


The clinic will include:-

ground work and ridden exercises (as we progress through the clinics and subject to participants requirements this could become just a ridden session)

Working on clear communication, respect of personal space, moving different parts of the body, backing up, 


These are open to any horse and rider/handler combination. Happy for unbacked youngsters to atttend


£35 per horse.

Horsemanship Clinic 24 July