The ride consists of approx 8 miles of well signed farm tacks and an opportunity to play on our extensive cross country course. There are no gates and very little, if any, road work. With a refreshment stop around the course, allowing you an opportunity for a quick drink, a cake and someone to hold your horse if you need to pop to the bushes. 


Riders must pre book a start time. There will be 4 horse slots available for each time slot. 


Pre entries are £18 / horse


All horses/ponies attending must be vaccinated against Equine Flu

Fun Ride 10 April

  • Pre entries to the fun ride are non-refundable

    • All riders must report to the secretary for registration
    • You will be emailed a number before the event, please wear this on the day, either in a number bib, on your saddle pad etc (so it is large and visable )
    • An adult (over 18 years old) must accompany riders under the age of 16 at all times.
    • Any rider not wearing a number will be asked to leave the course by the Stewards.
    • STARTING: You will pre book a start time, please stick to this Any rider dropping out on route PLEASE follow signs back to the FINISH.
    • All tack must be appropriate and in good repair. Whilst mounted ALL riders must wear properly fastened hard hats conforming to Beta standards All ridersmust wear suitable clothing and footwear. Body Protectors are recommended.
    • Please note the ride is held on private land. PLEASE RESPECT THIS and keep to sign posted routes. PLEASE report any damage to fences to a steward or the secretary.
    • The organizers their helpers, agents, employees, landowners and all persons involved with the ride accept no liability for any injury to person, horse, or spectator, or any damage to the property of riders or spectators however caused, whether it be by negligence or otherwise. It is up to the participants and spectators to make their own insurance arrangements.
    • Entry fees cannot be refunded to intending participants who are unable to ride on the day. 
    • No dogs 
    • No horses or ponies under the age of 4 years old
    • The organisers reserve the right to refuse permission to start to any rider not observing these conditions or attempting to ride an unsound horse.
    • The organisers reserve the right to ask any rider to leave the course for dangerous riding or ill treatment of their animal including excessive use of the whip or abusive language.