Combined Training

Class 6 Walk and Trot Intro C and 55cm

Class 7 Prelim 1 and 65 cm

Class 8 Prelim 12 and 75 cm

Class 9 Prelim 12 and 85cm

We are also running unaffiliated Dressage on this date. This can be entered separately under 01 March Dressage

Dressage or you can add 1 additional dressage test under the "Additional Classes" tab. If no additional classes are required please click on "no other classes".



Class 1 Walk and Trot Intro C

Class 2 Prelim 1

Class 3 Prelim 12

Class 4 Novice 27

Class 5 Novice 28

All classes and the warm up will be on a surface


Combined Training 01 March 2020

Additional class - dressage only
  • Competition Details

    Open to seniors and juniors (riders 16 years and under)

    "We require all horses who attend Lincomb Equestrian have up to date Flu Vaccinations, we are only asking you have yearly boosters, not 6 monthly vaccinations. We will accept horses who have just started their vaccinations providing they have have their 2nd injection 7 days before attending competitions at Lincomb" 

    ​Please note we have a NO DOGS policy

    All Warm up and Tests will be on a surface

    £22.00 per class (cheques payable to H K Jones (Waynhams) Ltd. No entry accepted without the correct entry money.
    Entries close on the Wednesday before the competition.
    Rosettes to 6 th place
    Copies of Tests – contact British Dressage 02476 698830, .
    Starting Times: will be on the website at from 7pm on the Thursday before the competition
    Horses/Ponies are entered at the owners/riders’ own risk and neither the organisers or the Land owners accept any liability for any accident, loss, damage, injury or illness to horses/ponies, owners, riders, grooms, spectators or vehicles whether caused by their negligence in any way whatsoever
    A horse/Pony may only be entered for 1 CT class and 1 other dressage  class on any given day
  • Refund policy

    If notification of withdrawal is given more than 14 days in advance of event date a refund will be issued. If notification of withdrawal is given less than 14 days but more than 48 hours in advance a transfer or refund can be offered only when your space can be filled from the waitlist. If your space can be filled from the waitlist (prior to 48 hours) a refund will be issued minus a 10% admin fee. Withdrawals made less than 48 hours before the event, for whatever reason, are non-refundable. If the event is cancelled we will refund the amount you paid .

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