This booking is non-refundable. Due to Covid 19, if we are forced to shut down your fee will be returned but minus a very small administration charge , this is to cover what the payment portal charges us to make a refund. If you are not happy with this please do not make this booking.


All riders must bring a max of 1 adult with them. No one can use our facilities without a helper. 


Please note-

*We are relying on people to stay away if they are showing symptoms, have a raised temperature or have been in contact with someone with Coronavirus (COVID-19).

*Please be aware that other people will have touched the gate in the cross country course so please take responsible precausions. 

*Parking - please park on the grass field on your right. To access the cross country course please walk down the drive towards the round pen then down the track passed the round pen and follow the signs from there.

* We will be emailing everyone who is attending with the terms and conditions, we require you to email back and agree if you wish to use the facility.


You are hiring the grass cross country course.


Suitable for all heights


It is £25/horse for a pre booked 2 hour slot. All horses attending must be pre booked in.  A non refundable payment of £25/horse is due to secure the booking. 


Please select the required time slot.


*"We strongly recommend Body protectors to be worn"


* Hats must be of current standard with no fixed peak


* No Dogs


* All horses much up upto date Flu Vaccinations 




4 August Grass XC hire

  • This £25 payment is non refundable if you can not make you allocated time slot.