It is £6 for 1 horse for half an hour, additional horses are £6 each within that hour (max of 3 horses per booking). 


This booking is non-refundable. Due to Covid 19, if we are forced to shut down your fee will be returned but minus a very small administration charge , this is to cover what the payment portal charges us to make a refund. If you are not happy with this please do not make this booking.


All riders must bring an adult with them. No one can use our facilities without a helper. 


Please note-

*We are relying on people to stay away if they are showing symptoms, have a raised temperature or have been in contact with someone with Coronavirus (COVID-19).


You are hiring

20x40m grass dressage arena


20x60m grass dressage arena 


Please select the required hour time slot.


"We strongly recommend Body protectors to be worn"


* Hats must be of current standard


* No Dogs


* All horses much up upto date Flu Vaccinations 



27 June Grass Dressage Arena Hire

  • This £6 payment is non refundable if you can not make you allocated time slot.

    The booking is for 1 hours use of the jumping arenas, this does not cover the use of any other facility. 

    "We require all horses who attend Lincomb Equestrian have up to date Flu Vaccinations, we are only asking you have yearly boosters, not 6 monthly vaccinations. We will accept horses who have just started their vaccinations providing they have have their 2nd injection 7 days before attending competitions at Lincomb" 

    ​Please note we have a NO DOGS policy