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This booking is non-refundable. If you are not happy with this please do not make this booking.


All riders must bring an adult with them. No one can use our facilities without a helper. 


It is £12.50/horse for a pre booked 1 hour slot. All horses attending must be pre booked in.  A non refundable payment of £12.50/horse is due to secure the booking. 


*Parking - please park on the grass field on your right. The mini grass cross country is located in the corner of this field


You are hiring the mini grass cross country course.


Suitable for all 40/50cm


Please select the required time slot.


* Body protectors must be worn


* Hats must be of current standard with no fixed peak


* No Dogs


* All horses much up upto date Flu Vaccinations 




20 July Mini Grass XC

  • This £12.5 payment is non refundable if you can not make you allocated time slot.

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